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Since my third year I, Marjo Lebbe (1991), painted at my grandfather's ("de paps") studio, animals. I was always on the lookout for photos of animals and preferably horses, which I took out of their context and gave them new life on paper. I never listened to my grandfather's advice and tips to improve proportions, I knew everything better, preferred my own style, but without words it was his talent that by my hands flew through the pencil. His biggest wish was sharing an exposition with me of our paintings together, before he died. His wish was made true in our exposition "Lebbe and Lebbe" and I'm sure he was there.

work in progress

I inherited my passion for horses from my mom, who put me on a horse when I wasn't yet able to walk and dragged me along in an infinite love for my own horse, Calypso. That passion grew greater when I started my studies as a veterinarian and eventually started to recognize the anatomy of horses in my paintings. As a vet, I experience the challenge to understand and heal these complicated, skittish, dangerous and sensitive animals on a daily basis. They keep inspiring me to achieve a realistic yet abstract idea in my two tone aquarel paint of how a horse truly looks when you pinch your eyes just a little and can't see all the details.